Not your grandmother's plaster

There’s nothing new about this ancient medium. In fact; plaster is about as old as civilization. It’s graced the ceilings of cathedrals and pyramids of Egypt. It has the look and feel of cement or stone, but is relatively lightweight. In the mid-century, it replaced what is now dry wall in almost every home in America. In interior decor, it’s given us some of our favorite lamps from the 1930-1950s and even became a popular material for furniture in the 80s. This might be one of the most versatile materials out there.

Home of Robert Adam via pinterest

Home of Robert Adam via pinterest

Lately, I’ve noticed this material used in a fresh, modern way that gives it it’s own place in todays era.

A shadowbox of antique plaster intaglios gets an unexpected twist with a camouflage backdrop.

Artwork that becomes 3-dimensional with various plaster techniques.

A modern twist on taxidermy and a wall sculpture that looks like it was built into the wall

A minimalist plaster coffee table that still manages to steal the show in this room of color

Plaster topiaries that give you the sculptural look of plants but with none of the responsibility.

So many fun and interesting finds. I’m off to start hoarding all the plaster!

Until next time…