Hausmatter Interiors Fall 2019 One Room Challenge Week Two

Whew, y’all! I’m wiping my brow here. This week has been full of twists and turns.

If the ORC has taught me anything, it’s to stay flexible, go with your gut, and be ready to make swift decisions! I have never designed and executed a room this fast before. Hey, they don’t call it a challenge for nothing!

Here’s a look at what we worked on this week:

We received the bench for our dining room, only to find a rip in the upholstery. We are working with the manufacturer on getting it fixed - yikes!

Also, the rug. Remember that Golden Girls, dusty rose? Well, it has more brown tones than pink in person. This is a BIG deal because it’s covering a lot of space and effects a lot of the other color choices in the room. So I have had to go back to the drawing board on this one.


I love the texture on the rug and it will look great in our living room, so all is not lost!


We also received this light only to find it was 12 inches wider than the website described. It looked like a creature from Stranger Things descending on our table. Not good. So back to the drawing board on this as well.


Is anything going right you may ask? Yes!

I had the idea for a design on my blue wall I wanted to try out with tape, and it turned out even better than I imagined. I can’t wait to share the finished result!


We also hung the Juju hat and it looks SO GOOD with these post modern lamps I pulled from my chairish


This weeks to-do list involves reworking the design a bit. The addition of a new rug will shape the space entirely. I’m looking at brighter rugs with more orange tones. I’m letting the color blocking idea go for now (again, staying flexible) and embracing some pattern on the next rug. I’m calling my new theme, “Tuscan Modern”. You’ll see why later. It will still have some of the elements from my previous mood board (including my version of the 80s columns!) but it will have more of a bohemian feel with the change in rug choice.

To-do list:

-finalize rug selection, and hope it arrives in time!!

-order new light fixture. I am not going to go cheap this time - you get what you pay for!

-hope to receive a new/repaired bench OR work on reupholstering it myself

-finalize accessory selections and begin working on a plan for styling

Rooms are best designed over time. That said, I think a room can be done well in a crunch, it just takes flexibility and ingenuity. Basically, I feel like I’m hanging on by the seat of my pants at this point, and this room is taking on a life of it’s own. I’m learning so much in the process. 🙌

And now to leave you with a pretty photo (and sneak peek)! We still have to make time to decorate for Halloween around here. My daughter had so much fun painting these pumpkins 😁


PLease visit to see what all the other participants are up to!

Until next week…