Colorado Lounge

Lately, I’ve felt so inspired by Colorado Lounges and bars. Specifically, the Ramble Hotel. Inspired by 17th century French salons, It fulfills a craving I’ve been having for something different. A break away from the trends of minimalism and clean lines and a chance to appreciate the richness of jewel tones and leather you can almost smell through the photo. The juncstaposition of just the right amount of sparkle from the chandeliers balanced by the craftsman-style wood. A pop of richly colored velvet you want to reach out and touch. A bold black and white pattern. A vintage rug that doesn’t apologize for having a previous life. It’s so refreshing, and I’m all in.

Images via  The Venue Report

Images via The Venue Report

This hotel ended up being the perfect source of inspiration for a client in Charlotte, North Carolina. This particular client has a large, new construction so I knew it needed bigger, bolder furnishings and richer textiles. I’m looking forward to using these elements to help define spaces within an an open concept where every room runs into the next.

A little peek at what’s to come in this fun project…

I will be bringing more textures into the living room with a graphic black and white rug for contrast.

Living room Mood board, copyright Hausmatter

Living room Mood board, copyright Hausmatter

In the kitchen, I’ll be incorporating earthy terra cotta and caramel tones that will be represented in leather upholstery, custom woodwork and ceramic lighting. I’ll balance them with some jewel toned blues.

Kitchen Mood Board, copyright Hausmatter

Kitchen Mood Board, copyright Hausmatter

Andy and I are excited to visit the Ramble hotel in 2020! I feel so inspired by this beautiful hotel.